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"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -- T.S. Eliot

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FIND YOUR VOICE              
by Renee Bledsoe

Communication is often a frail thing, yet, it is at the very essence of how we express and experience our human "beingness". We are "broadcasting" at all times. Even when we don't realize it, we are announcing ourselves and our intentions to the world, equally with what we do and say, as with what we don't do or say. As MasterMind specialist, Mary Robinson Reynolds would say," You can't have an attitude and keep it a secret." It is very important to understand this. For this may well be at the heart of our inability to establish good communication and true intimacy.

As more people become consciously attuned to our emerging abilities to be more mentally in tune with each other, it will be more and more important to understand and work with this concept. Imagine how differently you would think and behave if you truly knew that everyone already knew what you were thinking and feeling. What would you do differently? How would this affect what you say? Because at this time, even if we don't consciously realize it, energetically and on a soul level the mind and body knows what your attitude is communicating. We are all scanning for energy from others and receiving it whether we consciously register this or not.

Journal Entry - 1/20/2007

At times I think I am adept at communication, but then I realize that in some circumstances I am completely inept. I am starting to understand that there are different levels of communication and different situations in which we communicate which may present greater challenges to our ability to communicate effectively. I am starting to understand that I may be a great communicator to people who do not directly affect my survival needs (or even what I perceive to be my survival needs), including love. Yet with the people that are closest to me, the people that have the power to truly help or truly hurt me, the people that I am the most vulnerable to, I often fail in my communication....a lot. I am trying to understand how and why that happens and what my part in it is. It is very painful to not be able to communicate well with the people that you love and that just adds to the dysfunction.

If I follow the schematic of the Medicine Wheel, I know that our most core need is to be seen and heard and to see and hear others receiving feedback of the reality of our existence. So when communication fails between loved ones and family, our most basic core need is not being met and we begin to feel as if we don't exist...that we aren't alive. It is compounded by the fact that these are the people we are closest to in many ways, yet as far away from, in ways that mean the most. And this becomes a drain on our very life force and will center. Knowing from the wheel where this very important need lives within us let's me know that lack or failures of communication hit us right in the gut, at the solar plexis which is the seat of our soul and in our throat chakra, which funds our ability to self express and create our world. As a by product, the connection to our heart is compressed, as the heart chakra lies right in the middle of these two. No wonder there is so much disease, suffering, mental illness and addiction!

The need to be seen and heard....the need to see and hear another. What truly is this? What is the base need. I think I know now, aligning further on the wheel, taking another correspondence and applying it to my knowledge and achieving understanding....let's me know that the true issue here is a call to intimacy, for soul to soul connection. It is the very thing we crave the most. Intimacy is not love, yet I challenge you to become intimate with someone....that is truthful and open....and not feel the energy of love begin to flow through you, not necessarily romantically, but on a soul level! There is a saying that once you know someone's story it is easy to love them.

Establishing intimacy opens the gateway to the floodgate of Love. The function of intimacy is achieved through communication, open, free and honest, as well as vulnerability. That includes all forms of communication, be it verbal, body language, written word, actions, mental, energetic or creative. Without being able to open a channel of communication, it is impossible to feel Love. In essence, it is the act of being known. To which we begin to understand that we are the only ones that can reveal our own true selves! We hold the key to that. How we express who we are is completely up to each of us individually!There is no substitute for this job, no replacement, for by the mere virtue of what it is, we alone are the only ones that have the power to self-express.

When we fail at intimacy, this causes a cascading effect within our personal energy system, which will slowly leach out into the collective consciousness if not addressed. The less and less intimate and honest that we are either with ourselves or another, the less and less we are able to give and receive love. This lack of intimacy is what will constrain all connections that we have with out internal and external bodily and mental functions. Ultimately we forget who we are and can't even get a whisper of who we are meant to become. In essence we have hog tied ourselves through our shortfalls at communication. There is only one way to get out of being hog tied...and that is to surrender....struggling only makes it worse....asking for help is the only option at this point. Sit still, sit with it and allow yourself to process the feelings and thoughts that arise. Finding out what beliefs have been taken to our heart and are clouding our energic light body is key to unblocking the communication with our spirit.

The way to clean up our energic body and to unblock both internal and external communication is quite simple, but not often easy: FIND YOUR VOICE AND TELL THE TRUTH.




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